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Freelancer No. 14585: Engineer-Mechanical $690/hr • 1956
up to 3000 km • since Mar. 2013

Engineer-Mechanical, Freelancer 14585, Changshu/China

Profes­sional back­ground: Mechanical engineer (FH) in Germany. International welding engineer IWE. Project manager (PM) in ventilation business, PM for Benetton F1 Team. Workshop leader, QS for 15 Mio USD projects. More than 25 years experience in Europe, last 20 years in Asia, China, Japan and Korea as a self-employed mechanical inspection engineer. Built-up 3 plants of German companies in China.

General qualifications: MS-Office +++, MS-Project ++   Languages: German +++, Chinese +, English +++

Explanation: + for low, ++ for medium, +++ for high.

On-site work: Changshu/China up to 3000 km

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