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Free of charge: Non-Disclosure Agreement between Client and Freelancer


This standard NDA template covers the essential aspects necessary for both parties to protect their respective proprietary information. Key issues are service definition and interpretation, obligations and scope, maintaining IP, liability and indemnity, non-solicitation and jurisdiction. (PDF file, 7 pages, 213 KB)

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Unformated preview of the document: 'Non-Disclosure Agreement between Client and Freelancer' (Part 1):

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Draft Only
Non‐Disclosure Agreement Page 1
This NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT is made this day of 200X
BETWEEN: Name of Person: of Company: Pty Ltd
ACN: _ _ _ _ _ Address: ________________ (hereafter referred to as the Client)
AND: Name of Person: of Company: Pty Ltd
ACN: __________Address: (hereafter referred to as the Expat) and jointly referred to as (The
A. The Parties wish to enter into discussions concerning the delivery of contract services by the
Expat regarding the work specifications outlined in Appendix 1 of this agreement.
B. In the context of these discussions each party shall reveal confidential proprietary information
to the other.
C. The parties have agreed to make the confidential and/or proprietary information (as
hereinafter defined) available to each on the basis that the nature of the information is
NOW IT IS AGREED as follows: ‐
1.1 The following words have the following meaning unless the context otherwise indicates:
Confidential Information shall mean all Information disclosed or communicated by the Client
to the Expat or otherwise learnt or accessed by the Expat from the Client or its
representatives for or in connection with the Permitted Purpose and shall include the fact that
discussions are taking place and the existence of this Non Disclosure Agreement but does not
i. information which, at the time of disclosure, is already known to or is in the
possession of the Expat and was not acquired, directly or indirectly from the
Clientor its representatives; or
ii. information which, subsequent to disclosure, comes into the public domain otherwise
than as a result of any breach by the Expat of its obligations under this Non
Disclosure Agreement or the actions of any person for whom the Expat is
Derived Information means any note, calculation, conclusion, summary, computer database,
computer modeling or other material derived or produced partly or wholly from any
Confidential Information.
Draft Only
Non‐Disclosure Agreement Page 2
Information means all information or know‐how relating to or developed in connection with:
i. the Permitted Purpose;
ii. any business, affairs, finances, legal and technical information, markets, promotions,
websites, strategies, plans, customers, suppliers or industries of the disclosing party;
iii. any systems, technology (including software, manufacturing processes or other
information embodied in drawing and specifications) or intellectual property owned
or used by the Client or licensed to the Client.
and shall include Derived Information.
Permitted Purpose means the purpose set out in the Schedule
1.2 In this Non Disclosure Agreement:
i. headings are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation; and unless the
context indicates a contrary intention;
ii. words importing the singular number include the plural and vice versa and words
denoting a given gender include all other genders;
iii. the expression "persons" includes an individual, the estate of an individual, a body
politic, a corporation and a statutory or other authority or association
(incorporated or unincorporated);
iv. references to parties, clauses, sub‐clauses, schedules, exhibits or annexures are
references to parties, clauses, sub‐clauses, schedules, exhibits and annexures to or
of this Non Disclosure

Unformated preview of the document: 'Non-Disclosure Agreement between Client and Freelancer':  Part 2, Part 3

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