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FAQ: What is happening if I am introduced to a client that has no intention to proceed?

Freelancing.hk makes a serious effort to ensure all introductions are to  genuine clients only and review each request for legitimacy and relevance. We also limit our  introductions to no more than one freelancer per project thereby ensuring that  the client selects the most appropriate candidates for the task. If however, you  are introduced to a client without a real project need then you will not  be required to pay the introduction fee.

A non-genuine request might consist of one of the following situations:

a) Despite several attempts the client could not be reached.
b) The client requested an introduction even though there was no real need or intent to appoint a freelancer at that time. For example this would be the case if the client never had a real budget for the project.
c)The client is not an ’end customer’ but a project broker.
d)The requirements of the client differ significantly from your Freelancing.hk profile.

If one of those circumstances exists, you must inform us within 14 days. The introduction fee will then be cancelled, and we might bar the client from further activity via Freelancing.hk.

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