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FAQ: What can freelancers do to improve their introduction rate?

The average Freelancing.hk freelancer receives approximately six introductions per year. The introduction frequency depends on various factors such as qualification, expressiveness and clarity of the profile, hourly rate and the services offered. While some freelancers are introduced once a week, there are others who are requested less than once a year.

To get the right number of relevant introductions for you, we have the following 7 tips:

  1. Improve the distinctiveness of your freelancer profile. Please look closely at your profile and compare it with the profiles of other freelancers in your area:
    • Emphasise your specific skills and experiences.
    • Distinguish yourself from the offerings of other freelancers.
    • Don't use acronyms and terminology that is only understood by experts - many clients are from outside the industry.
    • State your capabilities in a clear and neutral way, avoid phrases that are unclear and sound like selling propositions.
  2. Be more specific if you want to receive fewer introductions. Present your skills more broadly to be introduced more often.
  3. Limit your profile in order to receive more relevant introductions. For example, ’Miscellaneous: Only projects that exceed 20 hours’. Expand your profile (for example, your work locations) to be introduced more often.
  4. If you have several different skills, you can register with a second profile in Freelancing.hk, for example, as translator and as financial expert.
  5. Increase or reduce your hourly rate. A reduction of 20% typically results in twice as many requests.
  6. If you are currently not available for work, it is important that you temporarily 'pause' your profile.
  7. You can write an article for the monthly Freelancing.hk newsletter to promote your special service.

All profile changes are of course free of charge. Just send an email to info@freelancing.hk.

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