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FAQ: What benefits do freelancers enjoy with Freelancing.hk?

By registering with Freelancing.hk you are empowered to enter into a direct contract with the client without the need of an expensive recruitment agent to broker the introduction. Our clients will come to you by requesting an introduction. The introduction fees are equal to twice the freelancer's rate and on average amount to approximately 1.0% of the total revenue generated by the freelancer. This is a significant saving when compared to the 10-40% fees charged by agencies. The average freelancer:

  • Receives 6 introductions to new client per year.
  • Of those introductions, 37% lead to an assignment.
  • 30% of all assignments leading to follow-up orders.
  • The average project duration is 50 person days.
  • If you do not get an introduction from us within 12 months, we are happy to refund the registration fee immediately.

(Calculation based on our regular user survey. Data varies depending on specialisation, experience and reliability of the freelancer.)  ◄ Back to FAQ 

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