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FAQ: What advantages does Freelancing.hk offer to clients?

  • The Freelancing.hk service facilitates a direct contract between the client and freelancer. This negates the need for the client to use an expensive recruitment agent that charges commissions for the entire duration of the contract (and extensions).
  • The client's use of the Freelancing.hk service is free of charge. This offers the client an enormous saving compared to the agency fees of 10-40% for the equivalent service.
  • Also no fees on contract extensions or reassignments.
  • The transparency of the system facilitates quick comparison of freelancers and fosters a competitive environment ensuring that the freelancer offers their services at the best possible rates.
  • Fast search facilities.
  • No negotiations about hourly rates as these are stated up front and governed by clear rules of using the system.
  • Direct contract between client and freelancer (without intermediate party).
  • Free services: Sample personalised contract, sample personalised invoice, payment via trusted third party, free telephone advice, articles, news, ...
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