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Short Internet presentation of John Example

I would like to briefly introduce here my service offering in the area of "Graphic Design".

My main focus area: (This is an example of a free-of-charge Internet page that expats4china offers to its listed expats). Design for magazines and books, art director, photography director, marketing & corporate graphic design.

My professional background: Bachelor in Computer Design, Diploma in Computer Graphic Design, Master of Fine Arts (major in magazine design). Layout experience with InDesign, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Art director of Royal Magazine, Australian Jockey Magazine, Senior designer of The New Horizon. Freelance since 2002.

My general qualifications: MS-Office (PC and Mac). Italian: ++. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> This page is to demonstrate the own Internet page which expats4china.com provides free of charge to every one of its registered expats. As this page does not show any obvious hints towards expats4china.com, it can be perfectly used for own marketing purposes. BTW: You can let us know any time if you do not want your own Internet page.

Contacting John Example

John Example
Example Pty. Ltd.
100 Example St
Hong Kong

Phone (fixed line): +852-1000000
Mobile: +852-2000000
E-contacts (e.g. fax, Skype, URL): 

If you have any questions, it is a pleasure for me to answer. Just send your message to me:

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