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FAQ: Why are clients only permitted to be introduced to one freelancer per project task?

The clarity of the freelancer's published profile stating hourly rates, skills and capabilities allows the client to evaluate the available candidates and select the most appropriate freelancer for the required task. Therefore, there is no need for the client to interview a larger number of freelancers saving both the client and freelancer, time and money. Our introduction statistics prove the success of this approach:

  • 78% of all clients ask for an introduction to one freelancer only, 17% request introductions to two freelancers.
  • Only 5% of the clients wish to be introduced to three or more freelancers. In this case, only the first selected will be introduced.
  • 37% of our introductions result in active projects - significantly more than other introduction approaches.

Should the client find that the nominated freelancer is not suitable, then, they are free to select another one for introduction.

If you wish to be introduced to more than one freelancer, we can offer you, however, that you pay the introduction fee on behalf of the freelancers. In this case please write in the project description: 'I wish to be introduced to more than one freelancer per project task and will pay the introduction fee of two hourly rates on behalf of the freelancer.'  ◄ Back to FAQ 

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